The Bethany Church of the Brethren has been sharing the love of Christ by serving the Farmington area of Delaware since 1910.  The church family has been in its current building since 1920.  Over the more than 100 years of their existence as a churc1653789_770125189760240_6634354048532262155_nh body they have been living out the call from the New Testament to “love God, love your neighbor” and care for those who are hungry, thirsty, those in need of hospitality, clothing, a visit whether sick or in prison.   Our worship is simple, yet meaningful, bringing one into the presence of God through singing, sharing, exploring the sacred words of the Bible and praying for the needs of the people and the world.   Creating community and connection is important to the group.  Our history informs us that this is the best way to learn about who God is and why a relationship with our Creator matters.  We believe we learn, grow spiritually, and are strengthened in our faith when we participate in a community of seekers and believers.

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The Bethany Church of the Brethren is part of a larger denomination called the Church of the Brethren. This small, but unique denomination strives as a body to live out the example of Jesus and utilize the New Testament as their guide for living. They value community, service to others, peaceful and simple living. Go to www.brethren.org for more information.
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