Faith and Succulents

As I have been creating the website for the Bethany Church, I have been thinking about what picture to use as the cover photo (of those available) and which one means the most to me or  what image might speak into the lives of others?”  I was drawn to the cover photo of the succulents.  For me, I have always liked having succulents as part of my household and outdoor plant collectionsucculents.  One of my favorites is “Hen and Chicks,” because they  remind me of my grandmother.  My maternal grandmother was all of 4′ 11,” but you would have thought she was a much bigger woman with the kind of influence she had.  She spoke truth when you didn’t want to hear it and cleared paths for those less fortunate to have a place at the table.  I loved her, even when I did not appreciate her guidance and I always knew she loved me.  Maybe that is why I continue to plant “hen and chicks” when they die out, because I always want to be reminded of my faithful, loving, Christian grandmother who lived a life of daily faith.  A faith that included staying close to God, caring for her family, being kind to all of God’s children and passing on the values she held dear.

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For more information on the Church of the Brethren

The Bethany Church of the Brethren is part of a larger denomination called the Church of the Brethren. This small, but unique denomination strives as a body to live out the example of Jesus and utilize the New Testament as their guide for living. They value community, service to others, peaceful and simple living. Go to for more information.
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